Water Purification

Water Purification System is a technology of removing undesired particles, chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids from water to produce clean water suitable for drinking and other purposes. Different methods are used for purifying water such as:

1. Filteration
2. Sedimentation
3. Distillation
4. Slow Sand Filter
5. Chemical Process ( Chlorinaton )
6. Electromagnetic Radiation ( Ultraviolet Ray )

ULTRA is one of the Nepal’s leading manufacturer of advanced ULTRATECH water purification products. We have wide range of RO and UV Purification systems for industrial, commercial, residential and laboratory use. We provide cost effective, reliable water purification and water treatment solutions for Hotels, Apartments, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Homes, Restaurants and offices. We also provides pure drinking water after removal of harmful bacteria and other unnecessary sediments using both RO and UV technology.

RO purification technology is one of the best and popular water filtration. RO works as water is passed across a semi-permeable membrane leaving contaminants behind that are drained our. A purifier becomes more superior if UV technology is added along with RO purification system.

5 Stage Filtration Process of RO Water Purifier
  • PP Filter removes physical impurities
  • Granular activated Carbon Filter removes odor smell and color
  • Carbon Block Filter removes chemical and organic impurities
  • RO membrane removes impurities by pushing water into a semi-permeable membrane
  • Alkaline cartridge turns acidic water into perfect natural alkaline water