Water Pumping System/ Lifting

Water Pumping System is a technology where water is drawn from a source, moved to a needed location, purified and used for domestic purpose or irrigation, washing or sewage treatment. This system is also used for evacuating water from an undesired location. Usually water is available at lower level sources like underground, under tank, rivers, lakes and ponds. It is necessary to pump water from lower levels to higher levels to make it usable for various purposes.

How Water Pump works?

All pumps are powered by electricity and convert the electric energy into mechanical energy to provide sufficient pressure for lifting or moving water. After giving electrical input on motor, it generates electro-magnetic torque due to which impeller is rotated at rated speed. This impeller is coupled with shaft. Because of rotation of impeller, desired pressure is created inside volute casing of pump and water is lifted due to centrifugal action of force.

Basically water pumps are used for:

  1. Lifting up liquid
  2. Increasing liquid pressure
  3. Transfer liquid from one location to another.