Message From Chairman

ULTRA INFOSYS, the pioneer in the renewable energy sector of Nepal was launched with the determination to enable people of our country to access renewable energy, promote sustainability of resources and reduce costs of household. Through our work, we tend to influence people’s perception towards energy efficiency and the use of natural, sustainable methods of energy generation and utilization. We are progressing into an era where we can use renewable sources to fuel our growing world and heal the damage done by mankind.

We aim to introduce a new level of safety in the availability and consumption of energy that was once never thought possible without electricity. The mission is to combat energy crisis and reduce dependency of the country in relation to power and energy along with continuous decrease in the use of fossil fuels for a sustainable and eco friendly energy supply.

We stand by our unfaltering efforts to continuously introduce new technology and innovation in our sector and provide the customers with better and improved technology each time they buy a product or avail services. We have evolved as one of the leaders in the renewable energy sector and furthered our business into various other sectors including Home appliances, Fast Moving Consumer Goods and Recreational sports. We abide by customer satisfaction and believe that it is the key for best marketing practices and continuous growth. Our commitment to provide quality products and services is what drives us for continuous growth and evolution along with costumer’s needs.

I am thankful for my team, colleagues, business partners, shareholders and most valued customers for their endless support and dedication over the years. With adherence to our core values, we shall scale to greater heights and introduce many innovative ways to conserve energy and provide the best of quality products and services.

Chandra Khanal